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Kambo has no known detrimental side effects, so when it is responsibly administered, it is completely safe.  There are some people who should not take it; generally, it is not for you if you have, or have had in the past, any of the following conditions (This is not an exhaustive list):


· Heart bypass surgery.

· Enlarged heart.

· Implanted cardioverter defibrillators.

· Congestive heart disease.

· Excess fluid in the heart sack.

· Heart valve replacement surgery.

· Organ transplant.

· Active ulcers.

· Addison’s Disease.

· Crohn’s Disease/Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

· Brain hemorrhage.

· Blood clots.

· Serious mental health conditions, excluding depression, PTSD and anxiety.

· Lack the mental capacity to decide to take Kambo.

· Seriously low blood pressure that requires medication.

· Anyone recovering from a major surgical procedure.

· Pregnant or breastfeeding women with babies under 1-year old.

· Within 21 days of giving birth.

· Under 18 years of age.

· Chemotherapy or radiation treatments of less than 6 weeks prior or 6 weeks afterward.

** If you are asthmatic, be sure to bring your inhaler with you.

**Diabetics need to bring insulin, testing strips, and food.


Before your ceremony we'll have a phone call or email exchange in order to find out if it's safe for you to take Kambo. 

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