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 Psychedelic Preparation and Integration through Art

Art Therapy meets Psychedelic Integration

One Canvas, Endless Potential, Deep Healing, and Art Supplies Right to Your Door.
No Art Experience Required (at all).

Revel in the Magic of Transformation. 

as an experienced Art Therapist with a wealth of knowledge in psychedelic preparation and personal experience of integrating over 100 ceremonies, I've mastered this process over many years. Witness the magic unfold as your abstract experiences from ceremonies find form on a canvas. Embrace the alchemy of art as it becomes a mirror for your inner world, bridging the gap between extraordinary experiences and everyday life.

Preparing for a healing journey? Looking to integrate your psychedelic experiences?

This art process is a powerful tool to help to unlock the power of your subconscious mind, allowing to release pain, process emotions and find clarity and meaning of your psychedelic journeys through your unique creative process which I will help you to explore in a safe, confidential and inspiring atmosphere. 

We will use a variety of art therapy methods and medias, including painting, sculpting, journaling, guided meditation, also storytelling and other art therapy tools in order to find what works specifically for you and what you enjoy. 

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what is Psychedelic Preparation and Integration
through Art?

It's a unique modality that combines the power of art therapy with the transformative potential of psychedelic exploration. No prior experience in art is needed—here, the less experience, the better! You will be guided through a somatic and embodied painting journey, where expectations are left aside, allowing your intuition and emotions to flow freely onto the canvas. It's about tapping into your authentic self and unleashing the transformative power of creativity and your psychedelic journey.

how it works and what's involved is similar to Online Art Therapy process
but the intention is different:

Beach Painting


that's it! 

all you will need is just a canvas. For the whole process, however long it is, 3 - 10 sessions or more, just ONE canvas.


You will have to choose a size of a canvas that feels good for you and meets your intentions. And I will help you with that! 

Holding a box in hands

all art materials are delivered to your doorstep

A box full of magic and surprises. 

It includes a set of carefully selected type of 24 x jars of paints; set of paint brushes; some terracotta clay; a candle to light for each session; and if you choose to work with me for 10+ session I provide you with a journal and some other exciting gifs. 

Kid's Drawing



Just your desire to show up

this approach is designed for everyone, regardless of their artistic background. In fact, the beauty lies in embracing a beginner's mind and unlocking the power of art from a place of uninhibited expression.


We might explore various art therapy exercises, including working with clay and engaging in other healing, grounding practices tailored to your needs.

Notebook and Pen

prepare and

set intentions

if you're preparing for a psychedelic journey, these art-based therapeutic sessions offer a safe and supportive space to prepare your mind, body, and spirit. Together, we'll cultivate a strong foundation for your experience, allowing you to set clear intentions and connect deeply with the transformative potential within you through art and other therapeutic modalities.

*more gifts when you prepare and integrate with me to support your process. 

Man on Laptop

convenience of online sessions

Profound process from the comfort of your home.


With all the necessary materials and delightful surprises delivered to your doorstep, you'll only need to get a canvas, only one canvas.


Our virtual sessions grant you the safety of your expressive expression; the flexibility to work on your canvas in between our meetings and even after our time together ends.



after your psychedelic journey (however long ago it happened), the integration phase becomes paramount.


This process helps you make sense of your experiences, settling your energies, and grounding you in your daily life.


This unique and simple art-based therapeutic integration will enable you to assimilate and embody the insights gained during your journey, fostering profound healing, personal growth and grounding presence.

Paint Tubes

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nothing overwhelming. 

Thank you for your trust and curiosity.

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