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Kambo Detox Healing MARCH Circle


March 21, 2024


9am - 1pm


Green Light Reiki Healing and Chakra Balancing, 1545 South Pearl Street, Denver, CO, USA



About the Event

Detox Reset Kambo Healing Circle

Experience the ancient Amazonian tradition of Kambo detox healing, a sacred ritual revered by indigenous tribes for centuries. Derived from the potent secretion of the green giant monkey tree frog, Kambo offers a profound purification of body, mind, and spirit. Through its natural detoxification properties, Kambo aids in releasing toxins and restoring the body's innate healing abilities, while dispelling 'Panema' – the dark energy that can hinder our vitality and clarity and can manifest as laziness, bad luck, procrastination and etc. 

Beyond its physical benefits, Kambo is renowned for itsimmune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, antimicrobial and performance-enhancing properties,allowing you to reach new heights of well-being and vitality. By aligning with the natural rhythms of the body, Kambo facilitates a return to your authentic self, unlocking your highest potential on all levels.


9am - arrival

9.15am - introduction, intention setting and opening the circle

9.45am - Kambo serving (the length of the process depends on the amount of people attending)

12pm - Hapé serving (optional)

12.30pm - warm tea and rest

12.45pm - Sananga serving (optional)

1pm - closing the circle.

To BOOK your spot please follow the link below and select CLASS - 21st March - Book:


To learn MORE about Kambo, Preparation and Contraindications:

Schedule a call to discuss any questions you might have HERE.

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