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Canvas of Consciousness: Therapeutic Arts 

One Canvas, Endless Potential, Deep Healing, and Art Supplies Right to Your Door.
No Art Experience Required (at all).

Online art therapy offers an immersive experience where therapeutic conversations seamlessly blend with the creative process. This unique approach allows you to engage in self-exploration and healing from the comfort of your space, utilizing specially curated art materials delivered to your doorstep.

Your story
deserves to be
told in color.

In each transformative session, we embark on a guided exploration of your inner world, utilizing the carefully selected art materials provided in your exclusive box.


The virtual platform guarantees a safe and intimate space, fostering an environment where you can freely express yourself, regardless of your artistic background.

No art experience is needed – just an open heart and a desire to explore your inner realms.

how it works and what's involved.

Witness your artwork evolve as we continue transforming it throughout your process, serving as a tangible bridge between

your internal world and day-to-day life.

Beach Painting


that's it! 

all you will need is just a canvas. For the whole process, however long it is, 3 - 10 sessions or more, just ONE canvas.


You will have to choose a size of a canvas that feels good for you and meets your intentions. And I will help you with that! 

Holding a box in hands

all art materials are delivered to your doorstep

A box full of magic and surprises. 

It includes a set of carefully selected type of 24 x jars of paints; set of paint brushes; some terracotta clay; a candle to light for each session; and if you choose to work with me for 10+ session I provide you with a journal and some other exciting gifs. 

Kid's Drawing



Just your desire to show up

this approach is designed for everyone, regardless of their artistic background. In fact, the beauty lies in embracing a beginner's mind and unlocking the power of art from a place of uninhibited expression.


We might explore various art therapy exercises, including working with clay and engaging in other healing, grounding practices tailored to your needs.

Dog Dressed as Butterfly

sessions tailored to your unique needs

every session is an integration of talking therapy with art forms a synergy that transcends words.

Personalized meditations will be crafted to enhance your introspection and deepen your connection to the creative process.

Diverse range of therapeutic modalities, including transgenerational reprogramming, somatic experiencing, and mindfulness practices, adapts to your unique needs.

Man on Laptop

convenience of online sessions

Profound process from the comfort of your home.


With all the necessary materials and delightful surprises delivered to your doorstep, you'll only need to get a canvas, only one canvas.


Our virtual sessions grant you the safety of your expressive expression; the flexibility to work on your canvas in between our meetings and even after our time together ends.

Blurry Image of Dancers_edited.png


somatic inspiration

We will bring the somatic aspect of healing and encourage a deeper connection to oneself and paint 'out of body', rather than mind and integrate with fun and creativity.

Art has a unique way of unraveling the threads of our thoughts, feelings, and visions, allowing for deeper insights and understanding. Together, we explore the symbolism and emotions behind your artwork, guiding you on your path of self-discovery and integration.

Schedule your discovery call to connect and ask all the questions you might have.

Let this journey ignite your soul, guiding you towards greater self-awareness, healing, and a deeper connection with your true self.

Embrace the power of art to unlock your potential, and let this sacred process be a guiding light on your path to wholeness, health, happiness, fulfilment and profound self-discovery.

Check out some examples of my clients' art work during different stages of their process.

Important NOTE: This process is not about making 'pretty' pictures or making something look attractive or painting for someone, it's about exploring the Truth and Self. This process is not about teaching you Art and how to paint but about inspiration, healing and expressing your internal landscape in any shape and form.

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nothing overwhelming. 

Thank you for your trust and curiosity.

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