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Color Stain


Online Art Therapy &
Kambo detox healing

Felling stuck?

Navigating life's challenges and existential questions?

Looking to detox and reset?

Craving a deeper connection?

Yearning for some clarity and guidance? 

Struggling with stress or anxiety?

Seeking holistic well-being? 


Embark on a healing journey that transcends boundaries, unlocking the hidden potential within you. Discover transformative relief through Online Art Therapy (anywhere in USA) and Kambo Detox (Denver and Denver area) as I guide you through a profound exploration, revealing the boundless power of self-discovery, healing, connecting to your true self, and much more





Hi, I'm Nikka.

Welcome to a space dedicated to your growth and transformation. Through artistic exploration and the transformative power of Kambo, I provide a unique path to self-discovery and healing, unlocking the vast possibilities within you. Delighted that you are here! 

Pink Smudge

I specialise in helping individuals navigate the intricacy of their internal landscape and external world. I offer a safe space to dive deeper into clients' healing journeys, their daily life, ancestral beliefs, generational trauma, blockages and conditioning in a creative and supportive way. I tailor sessions to one's unique needs, ensuring my clients receive the support necessary for their profound lasting growth.

my offerings.

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Enjoying the Nature

online art therapy.

these sessions provide an inspiring space for individuals to engage in therapeutic artistic expression, fostering self-discovery, emotional healing, and personal growth. Through creative exploration, these sessions offer a unique way to address challenges, navigate emotions, overcome creative blockages and enhance overall well-being in a convenient and accessible online format.



kambo ceremony.

private or group ceremony offering Kambo detox healing as well as Hape and Sananga medicines from Amazonian forest following indigenous tradition. 

Profound non psychedelic experience that helps to clear the body, mind and spirit and get peptides into your system for anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, antimicrobial and anaesthetic affects.


serving around Denver county.


retreat facilitator.
ceremony guardian

...are you looking to elevate the transformative experience of your retreat to new heights?

I am here to offer my specialised services, bringing a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom through Kambo ceremonies and/or innovative Psychedelic Integration and Preparation through art coaching to retreats around the globe.

Open to collaborations with fellow professionals, I am also available to assist in plant medicine journeys, contributing to the holistic and transformative journey of your retreat participants.

want to know what clients say?

"Nikka's coaching is a true testament to her ability to hold space with grace and insight. Her genuine and empathetic approach creates an environment where personal growth feels natural and supported. Through her skillful guidance, I've found clarity and direction in areas of my life that were once uncertain".

Hayden P.

"Attending Nikka's Kambo ceremonies has been an incredible experience. Her thorough knowledge and respect for the traditional practices shine through in every aspect of the ceremony. From the meticulous preparation to the compassionate guidance during the process, Nikka's Kambo ceremonies are a powerful blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary understanding. I left with a renewed sense of vitality and connection to myself and the world around me."

Nathan M.

"Nikka's sessions are a delightful blend of fun and inspiration. Her unique approach to psychedelic integration, using the canvas as a conduit for self-expression, has been transformative. Through her guidance, I've found a creative outlet to explore and make sense of my inner experiences. Nikka's ability to combine art with introspection is a true gift, allowing me to turn the ineffable into something meaningfuland tangible."

Kirsty G.

get occasional updates and news. nothing overwhelming. 

Thank you for your trust and curiosity.

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