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Preparation is key to maximizing your experience. 

  • Make sure you do not eat for a minimum of 6 hrs before arriving to your session. You can drink water or have some herbal teas though. 

  • Refrain from drinking alcohol and using drugs 24-48 hrs before and after the session.

  • It is helpful to avoid meat the day of, and if possible, the day before.​

  • No colonics, enemas, liver flushes or water fasting within 3 days before and after Kambo session.

  • No hot tubs or saunas 1 day before taking Kambo. 

  • No sweat lodges the week before.

  • Don’t take any medications/supplements the morning of your session. You can take them after your session. 

  • Plan your day so you come to your session without worrying about time restraints and arranged plans for the day. 

  • Allow yourself time before and after the session to center yourself and integrate you Kambo experience. 

  • Set some time aside to identify intentions for your Kambo session.



  • Wear loose or comfortable clothing. Layers can be helpful, as your body temperature may fluctuate

  • Please bring along any medications you are taking. 

  • Hairband if you have long hair.

  • Water bottle.

  • Journal and pen (if it'd like to make notes of some insights)

  • If you suffer from Asthma, bring your inhaler.

  • ​A contact lens case with solution added (if you wear contact lenses and decide to receive Sananga). 


  • Surrender, be open to how the process unfolds 

  • Try not to have expectations to what might happen during the session or how you might feel afterwards

  • Surrender to vulnerability

  • Be willing to look at uncomfortable aspects of your life and self in order to release them during the session

  • Trust the medicine and facilitators as it increases the healing process 

  • Open your heart and your mind

It takes courage to walk the path, look deep inside our body and soul, take back ownership of our minds and our lives and be willing to take Kambo to support you on this journey. It's a hero's journey which is worth honouring and celebrating. I'll support you all the way through your process and help to guide you into your own truth so during the session try to embrace each moment with love and trust. 

Committing to ceremony is an opportunity to address old ways that are not serving your anymore and connect to your full potential so you can start leading healthier, happier life full of joy and laughter. Connect to your power and make this change happen.

Deep healing at the core happens when we surrender which is not an easy and comfortable process but it's highly rewarding and it works. By confronting and facing our shadows and fears, we break through to our greatest possible light.

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